XXY’s DNA Workshop was a huge revelation for the Fetch Life Pet team.  Over the course of just a few hours, they helped us uncover new whitespace for our brand….unique ideas and new ways to reach wholesalers that we had never thought of. And these were actions we could take  immediately.
— Mindy Barancik, CEO, Fetch Life Pet Outfitters
Working with XXY has been a dream. As a smaller nonprofit it is invaluable having a team of experts leading us through an exciting new project. They’re incredible listeners and are able to synthesize all of our ideas into one seamless and thoughtful design. I could not imagine working on our organization’s 20th anniversary marketing plan and campaign with anyone else!
— Lauren Sivak, Managing Director, 2nd Story
The XXY team is nothing short of talented and professional. For the launch of my spirits brand, Catan Pisco, they took the time to learn every inch of my brand and were able to create the perfect storyboard & script for what is now my first commercial. From my vision, mission, brand promise and purpose, they meticulously captured my story which was told through the voice of my Father. Their understanding of my initial challenges in launching an unfamiliar spirts brand to the US Market, allowed for our collaboration to uniquely introduce Chile’s spirit of choice through an unforgettable art piece. Truly grateful for XXY and their hard work in bringing my story and brand to life!
— Catalina Gaete, Founder/CEO, Catan Pisco & Co
Whenever Simple Studio needs problem-solving that’s creative and strategic, I know I can turn to the XXY team. Jeanne & Becky helped develop new brand positioning & naming for a B2B client exploring new B2C markets, and they went above & beyond, and finish projects on-time, on-budget.
— Percy Wang, Owner, Simple Studio